Explore Ella with Ella Mount Heaven –  a heaven on earth .

The “Ella Mount Heaven” is a heaven on earth, with all modern comforts. It is a luxurious Boutique hotel surrounded by the misty mountain with its nature’s blessings located at the 15th mile post, Wellawaya Road, Ella.

To feel the difference and experience the comforts of its own, to be served and treated by its five star experienced staff at your service to make you comfortable with the specialized and personalized service provided for your entire satisfaction.
The view from the hotel is awesome as because you can see the entire Ella in a single location where you are standing on even the mini Adams peak one of the Sri Lankan Heritage from Ella. The Ella mount heaven is blessed with its panoramic view by the nature.

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Our Location – Ella – Sri Lanka

Ella has all the best parts of Sri Lanka rolled into one: beautiful jungle mountains, rolling tea plantations, and epic waterfalls. As one of the biggest tea producers, travelers can look forward to spending their days among the greenest surroundings, enjoying the views from hilltop houses and adventurous hiking trails. Even the train ride to Ella is one of life’s most remarkable experiences, as you travel by iconic blue train through pines forests, tea plantations and tropical mist. Enjoy all the top things to do in Ella with our travel guide.